Mindful + Positive Parenting Workshop (Virtual Class)


Mindful Parenting

Stress-Free Parenting

Learn positive and intentional parenting skills in this 2-part workshop.


Taught by Giselle Baumet, Certified Positive Parenting Educator, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist and Mother of Four


Research shows that positive parenting has a long-term positive impact on children.

A new study that looks at data on three generations of Oregon families shows that "positive parenting" - including factors such as warmth, monitoring children's activities, involvement, and consistency of discipline - not only has positive impacts on adolescents, but on the way they parent their own children. - Source Oregon State University

Children learn how to develop secure and strong relationships, increase self-esteem and engage with their families and peers when parents utilize mindful and positive parenting. By using positive parenting, you're planting a seed for how your own child will parent their children. You’ll learn how to raise a child today to encompass the kind of positive characteristics you’d like in your child as he or she grows.

Parenting in a mindful and positive way is key to raising kind, confident, secure and empathetic children that become adults who make a difference in the world.

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The workshop includes:

  • The importance of secure attachment during parenting
  • How to raise a resilient child 
  • How to teach your child positive behavior while keeping a positive connection
  • Ways to foster effective communication 
  • How to set healthy parental boundaries 
  • What to do instead of time-outs/grounding
  • The pros and cons of encouragement vs praise
  • How to handle emotional outbursts and disappointments
  • The effective way to give choices
  • How to validate and learn the belief behind the behavior
  • The reason behind (and what to do about) negative behaviors
  • Setting up routines that work
  • Communicating expectations in a way that your child understands
  • Building trust between parent and child
  • Parent-care: how to increase your emotional wellness 



Most parents, given a choice, would much rather parent without feeling frustrated. Through the Mindful and Positive Parenting Workshop, you learn tools for parenting effectively, with connection to your child, without resorting to punitive techniques.

Why do we do things like bribes, time-outs/grounding and punishments?

Have you ever tried putting a child in time out? And how did that go for you? Most of the time, for more parents, it's very frustrating, especially if you've had to hold that doorknob to keep your child in "time-out".

It's also frustrating when you feel that your child knows what you're saying --- but it's choosing to do the complete opposite. And do you sometimes wonder if you're both even speaking the same language? And if you've used bribes before, you'll have quickly learned that you need to up your bribe to keep it "working". Again, you're not alone. A lot of parents are in a similar situation.

None of these solutions are long-term and in many cases will result in a negative impact on your relationship with your child.


In this workshop, you will go deeply into your child's mind, as well as explore your own parenting beliefs (usually learned as children) that prevent us from being the parents we want to be.


With Positive Parenting, you'll learn how to parent through these and other situations without using punitive actions. And you'll do so in an effective, connecting and mindful way that will teach your child long-term social and life skills.


positive parenting

Parenting Workshop happens live via Zoom (from the comfort of your own home!)

In this interactive and educational two-part workshop, you'll learn how to enjoy parenting your child using mindful and positive parenting techniques that work. The workshop includes experimental activities and discussions that target common parenting challenges and give you real and effective parenting tools you can use right away for a more rewarding parenting experience with your child.

You'll leave this workshop inspired, with a new understanding of your child and yourself, and ready to parent in a way that works, while doing so in a mindful and positive way.

Workshop includes your co-parent.


Upcoming Zoom Workshop Dates:

Workshops are scheduled in two sessions so that you are able to come back and ask specific questions as well as continue to learn more positive parenting skills.

Choose Your Date:

  • Sunday, July 12 and July 26 at 1pm - 3pm
  • Sunday, September 13 and September 27 at  9am - 11am
  • Sunday, October 11 and 25  at 9am - 11am
  • Sunday, January 3 and 17 at 9am - 11am


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