Loom: the Sisterhood of Mothers

Mothers Circle


Definition of sisterhood: the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns

Mothers. Friendships. Solidarity. Community. Experiences.

This is what Loom: the Sisterhood of Mothers is all about.

Today more mothers are finding that their bustling lives with family, partners, children, work and the to-do list that grows each day can often leave self in need of quiet and nurturing time. 

Loom: the Sisterhood of Mothers is a time to slow down and bretheeee

Experience self-awareness and tune into yourself in a circle of mothers and in a calm, relaxing environment where your soul is filled and friendships are made.

Expect open discussions centered on our shared experiences, to set intentions, experience therapeutic guided meditation and imagery and breathe work. Be ready for you to be elevated and inspired.

Be part of the Loom that weaves us stronger as mothers.


Upcoming Loom Circles

TBD due to COVID 

Facilitated by Giselle Baumet at Magnolia Wellness in Costa Mesa



Parties: If you'd like to host a Loom Mothers: the Sisterhood of Mothers in your home or location, please contact Giselle.