“I’d rather get it from you.”

Words that warm my heart.

“I want to get this from you instead of ordering online.”

Something I consider myself really lucky to hear often from my customers at Granola Babies. These customers get it. They seem to totally understand that having a brick and mortar and a niched small one as we  are is not easy. They get it. They know that to keep our doors open, they need to get that item at our store. It’s the only way we can remain open in our community. And they get it.

Yes I’m blessed.

I also have customers that grew up in small business. They mention how their dad owned a small store or their aunt currently owns a store. These customers in particular have a special connection with the store. They’ve seen in their family the time and effort it takes to keep a small brick and mortar open in a world of online instant gratification. They get it.

And these are my customers. And in the store we’re lucky. We get to share a bit of their lives with them and they with us as we together maintain what has turned out to be such a special place for so many.

My customers are like my friends and I’ve learned so much from them. Their giving hearts, their kindness and their passion for natural living and improving our world through nurturing our babies naturally. It’s a journey and I’m so happy to be a part of it with people that get it. Thank you.

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